..gorgeous views across the valley..

We recently had the most amazing yoga/vegan retreat experience. It included a session of yoga followed by the most amazing vegan meal.
I had never really done yoga before, well I’d had one session which made me very dizzy so I was wary of trying it again. I need not have worried! The session with Caroline was perfect. The environment was great, gorgeous views across the valley, atmospheric lighting and relaxing music. The explanations and demonstrations were very clear and I managed to keep up with the main group which I was delighted with.
My husband didn’t want to do the yoga so he relaxed by the pool with some of the other guests so we were both happy.
That’s the yoga side of the event, part two of the experience was the vegan meal which was a triumph! Neither of us are vegans but you honestly would not know that the food was vegan. No nut roast for us!! Dan and Caroline produced some of the tastiest food we’d ever had. It culminated in the most delicious vegan coconut cheesecake that we’ve ever had!
The hospitality, the experience and the food added up to the most memorable experience. The host and hostess could have done nothing more to make the experience as perfect as it was. We will certainly be booking again as soon as possible.
Caroline and Dan thank you so much for allowing us to experience your event. Everything above is true and heartfelt.
P&T, Limassol